Tree Care Tips

The best way to keep your Christmas tree fresh is to invest in a water stand. They are inexpensive, it will keep your tree fresh over the Christmas Season, and you can reuse it every year. There are some strict rules though. A small slice (around half an inch to an inch) needs to be cut off the base of the tree before it sits in water. tips cork tips cork

The internet is full of different recommendations, as to how long you have from the time you cut the slice, until the time the base sits in water. Some say 1 hour, others say 8 hours. From my own experience, I recommend the sooner the better. tips cork

My best lasting trees in my own home, sat in water just 30 minutes after I made that cut. Having said that, even if you put it in water after 8 hours, its still going to be in better shape in January, than if you hadn’t sat it in water at all.

Two tips for you. Add a little bit of sugar to the water, or a fizzy drink. Sounds crazy but trust me, it will help absorb the water better into the tree. And throw in a copper coin as well. It will help kill the bacteria in the water, so the water absorbed is fresh.