Cork Christmas Tree Rental


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Take the super eco friendly choice this Christmas and rent a living, growing Christmas tree in a pot.

You can even rent the exact same Christmas tree next Christmas!

All rental trees come with a saucer to hold the water that must be returned after Christmas. Delivery and collection is only available to Cork City and surrounding suburbs, however we welcome anyone outside of that area, who wants to rent one of our trees, to call to us to collect, and call again in January to drop it back.

christmas tree rental cork
christmas tree rental cork


Order a tree through our online shop below. You can also order one from our shop at the Mini Storage Mahon Industrial Park T12 K7CV from Saturday November 20th . We also encourage you to name the tree; so it becomes part of the household – cheesy yes, but hey its Christmas! “Spruce Springsteen” and “Woody” are two names we love!

christmas tree rental cork


This is the important bit. We will provide you with the tree, plus a saucer to hold the water, but its up to you to keep it watered and to look after it. The tree will take up to a litre of water a day, and it must be kept away from heat sources, so do not place it near a radiator or a fireplace. Start small when watering it, with a half a pint to begin with.  If the soil is wet, don’t add more water and check again the following day. Living Christmas trees need water, especially if brought indoors, but too much, and the roots will rot. Before you put it in the house, we would encourage you, if possible, to put it in a garage or utility room for 24 hours. This is a transition period, and it will be less of a shock for the tree, going from two extreme temperatures. If possible, please do this 24 hours before you return the tree in January.

christmas tree rental cork


You can return the tree to our shop at the Mini Storage Mahon Industrial Park T12 K7CV car park on January 2nd or or we can call and collect it from you. Your tree will go back to the Christmas Tree farm to be specially cared for, and you can even rent the exact same Christmas tree next year.

Terms & Conditions

1. We take a small refundable deposit when you order your tree, which is returned to your credit card in January
2.Rental is between December 8th and December 12th until January 2nd. Trees must be returned to us at the car park of the Mini Storage Mahon Industrial Park T12 K7CV on that exact date, or left out for collection from 6:am that morning. A reminder text will be sent a few days beforehand
3. Remember that this is a living Christmas tree, so it must be cared for with regular watering, and kept away from radiators and open fires.
4. We reserve the right to keep your deposit, if you in any way, deliberately damage the tree, such as cutting its branches.
5. If you decide to keep the tree after Christmas, then please notify us in advance by emailing or text 086 3732 565