A pot grown Christmas tree, is a Christmas tree that is grown in a pot, and has spent most of its life living and growing in that pot. Pot grown Christmas trees can are a great addition to your regular cut Christmas tree; decorate it outdoors or bring it indoors (3 weeks Max if you want a better chance of the tree surviving after Christmas) Its not to be confused with a “potted” Christmas tree, which is a regular Christmas tree grown in a field, dug up at Christmas time and placed into a pot. Potted Christmas trees have a small chance of survival after Christmas, as when the tree is dug up from the field, most likely the roots were cut in the process, and eventually the tree will die. A pot grown Christmas tree has a much greater chance of survival, as it has survived many Christmases in the pot, and will survive many more to come.

Please note that our pot grown Christmas trees come in the pot they are grown in, and have soil on the pot and roots growing out the side of the pot. Some of our bigger trees over 5ft, especially the Nordmann fir, may be bursting out of their pot and may need repotting. We provide an extra pot free of charge where necessary but there may be some maintenance required by the customer such as adding compost or soil to ensure its stability. This is no cause for concern as to achieve the high quality of tree that we sell, we grow them in special pots underground and when they are harvested, the bigger trees can often protrude through the pot. You can still leave it in the same pot after Christmas or for best results, repot into a bigger pot.

We have some gorgeous pot grown Christmas tree this year, in four different species, and in various heights up to 6ft. We deliver to all of Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Kerry, Galway, Meath, Kildare, Kilkenny and Wicklow.