• Transition Period: If possible, store your tree in a cool, dry place for 24 hours before bringing it indoors, such as a garage or utility room. This gives the tree less of a shock; from going from one extreme temperature to another. Do the same, if possible, after Christmas.

• Heat: Place your tree in a cool position, away from any heat sources, such as direct sunlight, radiators or open fires.

*     Drainage: Check that the container has adequate drainage holes before placing on a tray or saucer.

• Water: This is the really important bit. Check the soil regularly. Keep moist but not waterlogged

• Duration: A pot grown Christmas tree should only be indoors for 3 weeks max.

After Christmas: You can leave it in the pot, or, for best results, re-pot it into a bigger container, using a soil based compost; ready for the following year. Alternatively if you have space, plant it in a sunny spot with well drained soil, where it will grow into a large tree

Feeding: For best results, give your pot grown Christmas tree some fertiliser early April and again in mid August. A good balanced NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) fertiliser will work best. Ask in your local co-op/ garden centre, and a handful is all you need twice a year.

Water: Make sure your pot grown Christmas tree gets plenty of water during the hot Summer months.