Picture Perfect Trees
Non Shed Nordmann Fir

Picture Perfect

The picture above is one of the trees, we selected at our farm, for Christmas 2013. It looks so perfect it almost looks artificial! The Picture Perfect Tree is exclusive to customers, and it goes way beyond the quality offered by other retailers. To put it into perspective, on a Christmas Tree Farm of around 10,000 trees, less than 50 trees will be selected by us as Picture Perfect Trees. That shows how selective we are, and the level of quality you are getting with a Picture Perfect Tree. We only have a limited amount of Picture Perfect Trees so please call to us early to avoid disappointment.

Premium Trees
Non Shed Nodmann Fir


With our Premium Christmas Trees, you are getting a very high quality tree, and even this high standard of Christmas Tree, would be scarce at other Christmas Tree outlets. All our Premium Trees are carefully selected, so you are guaranteed a lovely shaped Christmas tree, which will make a lasting impression on family and friends, visiting over the holiday season. In a Christmas Tree Farm of 10,000 trees, roughly 200 trees would only meet our Premium Tree Standard.

We are Famous for our Quality!

Here are some pictures we took of our Christmas Trees in December 2013. Check out the quality!

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