Blackrock Hurling Club, Church Road, Blackrock, Cork

Christmas Trees


4 ft ................€35
Up to 6 ft......€45
6-7 ft.............€50
8-9 ft.............€60
10 ft us

Holly Wreaths...€8
Potted Trees.......from €10
Stands.................from €10

Collection after Christmas...€5

Whether you call to our Christmas Tree shop at the Blackrock Hurling Club and pick out your own Christmas Tree, or contact us by phone or email and have us pick one for you for Delivery, we literally have the best quality Christmas Trees in Cork. Period.

Most other retailers get deliveries of Christmas Trees, chosen by their supplier, so its a mixed bag really. And those that grow their own Christmas Trees and sell them at their own shop, naturally have to sell the, not so good shaped ones too.

We are different. We select only the best shaped Christmas Trees, from top suppliers around Ireland,  mostly in August, so we get first choice, so you are guaranteed to get a perfect shaped Christmas Tree when you buy from us. If you are fussy about your Christmas Tree, look no further this year than

Tree Types

We have a wide variety of  Christmas Tree types to choose from. All of our Christmas Trees are non shed, and we get regular deliveries of Christmas Trees to our shop, for the duration of December, ensuring you are getting the freshest Christmas Tree possible.

Nordmann Fir

Our Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are our biggest selling Christmas Tree. They are the perfect all rounder; the shape of them is the ideal triangular shape that epitomises a perfect shaped Christmas Tree, their needles are tough and can withstand a lot of decoration weight on them, and they are one of the best for needle retention.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

One of our own Nordmann Firs at our Christmas Tree Shop. Notice how excellent the shape is!

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir was once the biggest selling Christmas Tree in Ireland, before growers starting planting Nordmann Firs. They have a lovely potent smell from them, and have an attractive frosty look on their foliage; the big downside however, is that aesthetically, they are no match for the Nordmann. The chances of growing a lovely shaped Noble Fir are very low in comparison to the Nordmann, which is why most Christmas Tree growers now opt for growing Nordmann instead. It is also why you see all the Christmas Tree wreaths made from Noble Fir, as growers sell the bad shaped Nobles, and there is no shortage of them, to wreath makers, so there is no waste.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

A typical example of a Noble Fir Christmas Tree. Our stock of Noble Firs is limited every year, so we would advice customers to call to our shop as early as possible to secure one.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir is the new kid in town as far as Christmas Tree growing. Its the biggest selling Christmas tree in the United States, and is also known as the White House Tree, as its the Christmas Tree of choice in the presidents home. Its needle retention is excellent, its a narrower tree, so its ideal if you have less space, and the foliage tends to run right to the top of the stem, giving it a lovely pyramid shape. Its a very hardy tree and its evident when you touch its dense foliage, making it ideal for those that love to put lots of baubles on their tree. It also has a lovely silver colour under its foliage, and a tremendous aroma from it.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

The fraser fir as you can see, is a very tidy tree, it being so narrow, making it ideal for those that have a tight space.

Potted Christmas Trees

Unlike cut Christmas Trees, which only last you over Christmas and into the new year, our potted Christmas trees will last for as long as you look after them.

You can bring them indoors (for no more than 30 days and make sure you water them regularly) over Christmas and decorate them like any Christmas tree, albeit on a smaller scale of course. Or you could just plant them in the garden and have your very own full size Christmas Tree in a number of years. 

Our potted Christmas trees are all grown from bare root, which means they spent most of their life in a pot. A lot of big retailers now sell 4 foot, and sometimes even bigger,  potted Christmas Trees; but buyer beware. We hear this every year from customers, wanting to buy one of our potted Christmas Trees. They purchased a potted tree elsewhere, and planted it in their garden, but the tree never grew and just died. This is because those potted Christmas trees were most likely dug up from a Christmas tree farm, prior to Christmas. Big difference. A Christmas tree that is 3-4 ft will have a vast and complex array of roots growing from it, and digging up a Christmas tree this size, without damaging its roots, is very difficult. Plus if it was done successfully, it would have to be dug up using a large radius of ground, and housed in a huge pot. The big tell tale sign, when judging if your potted Christmas tree is genuine,  is the size of the pot. If you are purchasing a 3-4ft Christmas tree, like the one in the photo below, and the pot is as small as that one (10 litres), its going to look like that in 3 months. A genuine 3-4 foot Christmas tree will need to be housed in a 20 litre minimum pot. Another sign is the price. If someone is selling a 4ft potted Christmas tree for as low as 25 euros, I would be very sceptical if its genuine.

This 4ft Christmas tree was obviously dug up from a Christmas Tree farm before Christmas. The pot is tiny, a 7.5 litre pot, which is an obvious sign. The picture on the top shows the condition of the tree after 3 months. The one on the bottom; after 9 months!

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

One of our potted Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees ready to be sold....